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We make a journey of the departed
to your ‘Memorial day’.

Ocean Funeral Services “Sea Ceremony”
~We make a journey of the departed to your ‘Memorial day’.~

We offer “Scattering ashes at sea with family” to see the deceased off together at the last moment.
The price won’t change within the fixed number, so you can get aboard all together.
We create a funeral that can make all the family smile from the bottom of the heart.

With Family
With Family
With this plan, you charter a boat. The price won’t change within the boat’s fixed number, so you can see the deceased off with all the family. This is the most recommended plan. For More Info

Fixed number: 8ppl
Designate a Date: Available (2hours)
+¥20,000 on weekends
Area: Tokyo
With this plan, some groups of families get aboard a boat together, and scattering ashes in turn. This plan is recommended for those who want to get aboard a big boat at a low cost. The joint ocean funeral is held once a month, on the third Sunday every month.

Fixed number: 2ppl
Area: Tokyo
Date: every month on the 3rd sun.
Area: Tokyo
By Proxy
By Proxy
Fixed number: N/A
Designate a Date: Unavailable
We hold it once a month
Area: Tokyo, Yokohama
To reduce the bones to powder ¥30,000+tax

To hold a Memorial Service

We also offer you annual Memorial Services to repose the deceased person’s soul after the funeral.
For those who want to keep some ashes, we also have goods (mortuary urn, jewelry), so you can feel closer to the deceased forever.

Our concierges welcome your inquires
We would love to make plans with your orders about the price and the date.
If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us. We always welcome you.

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